Valley House Concept by K. Kuvika. (Rendering: Anna Marinenko and Modeling: Aleksandr Koval)

This was my idea. I was too late, I guess. Sad face. But love the execution.

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Yellow shoes! Next purchase just got planned.

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Hunting Lodge - Jagdhaus Kohler. Architektur Juergen Hagspiel. Egg-Schetteregg. Austria. images (c) Architektur Juergen Hagspiel

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Kings Cross Station

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Angrypebble on SoundCloud

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Enjoy our edit of “Mr. Probz - Waves”.
Respect to your work Probz!

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Lykke Li - No Rest For the Wicked (Joris Voorn Remix)

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Suits, fashion and menswear for gentlemen


Capitol Hill Residence by Balance Associates Architects / Seattle, Washington

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From the forthcoming album White Women - available May 12.
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